Super Metal Recyclers

Super Metal Recyclers are leaders in all types of metal recycling in Brisbane. There are large catchments of scrap metals that blight the country side and require our quality recycling services. Scrap metal and old car collecting services keep homeowners, building sites, farms and factories looking good, improve safety and bring in cash to our business.Freeing Brisbane’s environment from hazardous materials is one of our main goals.

You can rely on the services of an efficient metal recycler to deliver quality assistance and at agreed times. Call us, set up an appointment and we will give you a quote on the value of your scrap metal. We provide cash for the assessed material on the spot.

Scrap metal is our business and our service covers metal car parts, wrecked or old and rusted bikes, trucks, machinery, cars and equipment. We are expert in recycling discarded electronic appliances, plus copper, aluminum and other metals.

Why to Recycle Metal?

  • Most metal products can be recycled
  • Environmental benefits come from scrap metal recycling
  • The demand for metal is increasing and scrap metal recycling provides an outlet for this demand
  • Earn revenue by exporting scrap metal

If you need more information, please give us a call.

Cash for Scrap Metals

Need extra cash in your pocket? Super Metal Recyclers help homeowners, business, and building sites plus farms and factories rid themselves of old and unwanted scrap metal cars and machinery. You get cash and we get the benefit of improving safety by taking away hazardous materials. Super Metal Recyclers is the leading scrap recycling business in Brisbane.