About Us

We are the Brisbane’s Leading Metal Recyclers.  We pay you cash for your used cars. Our business specialises in old and wrecked car removal. We provide Brisbane with general scrap metal recycling and environmental cleanup.  Our company saves you time and gives you back money. We also handle the scraping of white good products. Note that we do not retail car parts.

We provides services concerning the removal of scrap metals. Call us for removal or bring your junked and wrecked cars to our recycling business.

Make Money by Recycling your Old Cars and Trucks

  • Make money by giving us the opportunity to recycle your old cars. We take them off your property and the metal recycled from these cars reduces the need for virgin ores. You personally have lessened the metal footprint!
  • Reduce industrial impact on the globe by recycling metals.
  • Recycling scrap metals decreases greenhouse emissions. You will make a mark in environmental destruction by preventing leaching of metals into the soil via old and rusted vehicles.
  • Give Super Metal Recyclers the opportunity to dispose of your old vehicles to lessen the strain on landfills.
  • Benefit the environment plus receive cash! Dispose your unwanted metal and old wrecked cars in a responsible way.  There is nothing better than feeling good about helping theenvironment.