Auto Wrecking

Super Metal Recycling specializes in picking up scrap metal that includes old and wrecked cars plus industrial and farm metals. We love to help people getrid of old cars and metal equipment that are no longer usable. If you have an old car, contact our company for a free collection service. This is a serviced we offer to those who live in the Brisbane metro area. You will save time and money and your old car will no longer be an eyesore on your property.

Super Metal Recycler’s collection package will remove your car and bring to our yard. Here it will be smashed and formed into scrap metal. Note: We recycle metal and do not sell auto parts. Our parts are crushed and recycled. If we do extract parts from old cars, we sell these parts to off-shore merchants. Your picked up car parts are never retailed in the Brisbane area.

Overseas buyers contact our company via the website or through advertising and agents. We respond and discuss requirements. We pride ourselves on being experienced dealers who give the best possible deals to car sellers and metal purchasers. Our business is environmentally responsible and we have the satisfaction of recycling metal that can cause blight, soil damage, and safety hazards.

Exporting metals from old and wrecked vehicles keeps these metals away from overcrowded landfills. Metal is a highly valued commodity in foreign markets and using our expertise and recycling services we provide economic value to foreign and local markets.